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As the sun rises Beijing is already a bustling metropolis, but in the dim glow of the moon the city is transformed. After a day of taking in the sights, many visitors find that a night on the town lends a whole new experience of China culture. Beijing has an extremely active nightlife scene and there are numerous choices of places to unwind. Sanlitun bar street is popular among tourists and expats and is guaranteed to be busy, providing swanky clubs and numerous western restaurants.

If you want to relax in the new trendy hotspot then try the Houhai bar street. This lakeside area is filled with terraces perfect for a drink while reflecting on the day. If you are looking to rub elbows with the locals then Luoguxiang bar street is where you want to be. Here you can enjoy a beer in a Siheyuan (customary dwellings in Beijing) and bask in the traditional atmosphere. If your feet are not up for an evening out in Beijing, consider relaxing at the spa. Massages are a specialty of Chinese culture and a great way to recover from a day of traveling. 

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