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Chengdu is city with traditional culture and also a contemporary metropolis with modern glamour, thus Chengdu provides very rich entertainment for tourists traveling to Chengdu. Entertaining activities including watching Sichaun Opera at theaters, shopping at Chunxi Road, wondering at Jinli Ancient Street and Kuan Zhai Alley, or spending some leisure time at local teahouses or bars are popular choices for tourists.

Sichuan Opera

Sichuan Opera is a primary form of traditional entertainment in Chengdu. Sichuan Opera is one of the oldest interesting opera forms in Southwestern China, which blends local dialect, customs, folk music, and dances. The reputed changing faces and fire breathing are two highlights in Sichuan Opera. In Chengdu there are many theaters presenting Sichuan Operas and theaters including Sichuan Art Center, Chengdu Theater, and Shu Feng Ya Yun are great places to enjoy the dynamic Sichuan Opera.


Chengdu is a popular livable city for its leisure lifestyles. Drinking tea and spending some casual time at teahouses have been an integral part of life for local people. For tourists visiting Chengdu and wanting to get to know the real life of local people should not miss out teahouses. Teahouses can be found anywhere in Chengdu and there are some famous awesome teahouses that have long history and are very popular like Yuelai Teahouse, Heming Teahouse, Shunxing Teahouse, Ming Shi Teahouse, .


For tourists wanting some colorful nightlife at bars and clubs can go to Renmin South Road or West Yangshi Street. There are many bars, pubs, cafes, and nightclubs to enjoy some great fun.

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