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Just like the fascinating natural scenery, the nightlife of Guilin is also very amazing and vibrant. Tourists have many choices for nightlife activities to relax and get to know more about the life and culture of Guilin. Also there are bars and clubs, and busy night markets in Guilin to spend some leisure time.

To get closer to the colorful local culture and customs, there are many amazing performances and shows are on at night. The most famous and popular one to enjoy should be the Impression of Liu Sanjie. Also Dreamlike Li River Show, and Cormorant Fishing Show are great things to do at night. A night cruise at the Two Rivers and Four Lakes is made for the appreciation of the incredible night scenes along the riverbank as well as local featured performances including Guilin Opera, dancing fountains, and traditional music.

For tourists desiring for some relaxation at bars and clubs there are also many choices. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is a great place to find some featured bars and cafes. What’s more, the night market at Xicheng Pedestrian Street which is full of shops and stands selling various kinds of handcrafts and souvenirs is also an excellent place to spend some night time.

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