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Nightlife in Leshan is not as busy as in other big cities. However, it has its own special flavor. There are many teahouses and a few night bars. Above all, there is a street called Zhanggongqiao where you can enjoy various local food and snacks at night.  

Dining in Leshan at night might be the first thing to do for tourists. Zhanggongqiao night fair located in Zhanggongqiao Street is a very popular place where you can eat local food including 'Hot-pot', 'Hot Spicy Spicy', 'Stone Potted Stewed Beef', and spicy shrimp and crab. Another well-known night fair in the city is close to Leshan Dock.

When visitors arrive there, they will find numerous snacks to cater their appetite. Especially 'Dai Pai Dong' Restaurants located on Bailu Road in the city center, which attracts many visitors. There are many kinds of Dai Pai Dong food they can choose such as: Piaoxiang Hot Spicy Spicy' Chicken Soup in Bamboo; Pepper Fish,;Hot-pot Chicken with Taro Root and Griddle Cooked Spare Ribs.

Another kind of food at a night fair is Barbecue (BBQ) and is a favorite for visitors, and Leshan Barbecue is tastier compared to other places in Sichuan. There are many kinds of meat for barbequing and many well-known restaurants serve the barbecue in Leshan

Bars / Clubs / Cafes / Teahouses in Leshan

Guihun Bar
Add: Middle Haitang Rd, Central Leshan

Yingyi Club
Add: Moshui Street, Shawan District, Leshan

Letu Traveling Club
Add: #129 Middle Fenghuang Rd, Central Leshan

Allen Club
Add: #69 East Renmin Rd, Leshan

Dengge 878 Club
Add: Shunhe Street, Jingyan County, Leshan

Ouxiang Café
Add: Second Floor, City Library, Leshan

Yunding Teahouse
Add: #299 Middle Jiading Rd, Central Leshan
Tel: 2115888

Chunlai Teahouse
Add: Opposite to Guanfolou, Leshan Port

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