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Combining the ancient civilization and modern culture, nightlife in Xian is very vibrant with many interesting and exciting entertainments and activities to enjoy. From modern entertainments in bars, pubs and cafes to local featured activities to experience the glamour of the ancient culture and local customs like Tang Dynasty Show tourists and Dumpling Banquet, tourists have a lot to do to entertain themselves.

Tang Dynasty Show

Watching the spectacular Tang Dynasty Show while enjoying a fantastic dumpling banquet is a hot night entertainment when visiting Xian. Blending various ancient Chinese instruments and inspiring dances, the Tang Dynasty Show is dedicated to telling famous and interesting historical stories. You will get a better idea of Chinese history and culture by watching the show.

Dumpling Banquet

Having a dumpling banquet when travel to Xian has become an indispensable thing to do for tourists. A dumpling banquet will bring you a feast to Xian local dumplings. Usually a dumpling banquet provides dumplings of dozens kinds of fillings and shapes cooked by different culinary methods including steaming, boiling, frying, and roasting. Tastes of salty, fresh, hot, sour, hot, and spiced are tasted in dumplings, fillings like vegetables, various meat, seasonings, and seafood. What’s interesting is the shape of dumplings. They are made to be creative with various shapes, like butterflies, penguins, leaves, goldfish, ducks, golden ingots, flowers, clouds, and pearls.

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