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For a small place like Yaqnghsuo, the nightlife is surprisingly colorful. If you want to spend your night hours in modern and western way, you can pay a visit to bars and pubs in Yangshuo West Street. Various bars and clubs are located on Yangshuo West Street, where many people choose to relax in a favorite bar and stay there until late night. 

Yangshuo Nightlife in West Street
The West Street is lined with shops, hotels and restaurants. The shops offer many unique handicrafts and works of art. Yangshuo is extremely popular with Westerners and the West Street is often referred to as a "Global Village".

The nightlife in the Yangshuo West Street is really shining. From 7:00 to 12:00 p.m., it is at the height of splendor. Tourists from all quarters will gather here, shopping, eating, or walking.

Bars and Clubs in Yangshuo

Bar 98
Address: 42 Guihua Road, near Bamboo Inn
One of the best things to do in Yangshuo is to enjoy the spectacular scenery while rock climbing up some of the most thrilling cliffs around. If you are looking for the climber scene, then head to Bar 98. This bar is located right in the middle of town and offers pool, free wireless internet, a cool outdoor patio and Trivial Nights every Tuesday. Try the mixed drinks here, which patrons claim to be some of the best in Yangshuo.

Buffalo Bar and Cafe
Address: No 38 Qianjie,West Street
Alf’s Place is located in the West Street, the boss is Australian, The decoration pattern is the same as British Style. Many things in the bar are related to United Kingdom, such as football, Mediterranean cuisine and the British leisure atmosphere, especially for the live concert.

Mono Rooftop Bar
Address: Lianfeng Lane 44, just off West Street
Phone: 0773-8821717
Hours: 20:00 – late, daily
Overlooking the bustling night crowd below, Mono Rooftop Bar is perched on the fourth floor of a local building and is a refreshing respite during those extra hot, sizzling evenings. Feel the cool breeze up on the rooftop drinking area and escape from the crowded, street level scene. And, really, nothing goes better with a cold drink than the beautiful scenery of the surrounding karsts. Enjoy the nightly twinkle and shadows as the mountains serve as your evening’s backdrop. The Mono Rooftop Bar was recently opened and has already become one of the favorites on West Street.

The Alley - Yangshuo Beer Bar & Restaurant
Address: Guilin Yangshuo, Guihua Rd, sunshine 100 C 102/103
Hours: Open from 17:00 – late, daily
For a great spot to enjoy both food and drink, be sure to check out The Alley. This laid back joint has beers on tap from all over the world. The westernized menu features authentic Italian pizzas and delicious burgers, with a few Chinese dishes. The big burger and fry combo even comes complete with a complimentary Liquan beer. Sports from around the world are showcased on the big flat-screen TV and every Wednesday features fun and fierce foosball competitions for anyone to join.

Yangshuo M.C Club
Opening Hours: 20:00 -1:00 
Address:West Street, right in the corner
Yangshuo M. C Club located in the middle of the West Street; the bar is running by the locals, the boss speaks with Fluent English and very friendly, it provided variety of alcohol and snakes, and customers can enjoy a live concert every night.

Besides these yangshuo nightlife activities, tasting the local beer fish, eating local snacks in stalls or watching cormorant fishing is also things that can’t be missed at night. If you wanna enjoy the yangshuo nightlife in a traditional Chinese way, watching performance and film is a good choice, such as watch the show of Impression Liu Sanjie or film in Yangshuo cinema. 

Another enjoyable evening activity is to hire a motorboat for about 60 RMB per person to watch cormorant fishermen at work. The fishermen take their seabirds out to hunt fish at night, generally setting off at 8:00 pm and fishing until 2:00 am. For an hour-and-a-half, boats will putter along the fisherman's bamboo rafts so tourists can watch cormorants dive for fish.Many foreigners choose to take a boat ride on the Li River in the evening for its beauty and solitude.


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