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Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

As one of the major Muslim restaurants with a large capacity in Guangzhou, Xinyue Muslim Restaurant has been more and more popular among Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The Xinjiang restaurant is well-known for its authentic Halal food, such as Xianjiang-style roast whole lamb and local Yoghurt. So at Xinyue Muslim Restaurant you can have a taste of those tasty and authentic Muslim cuisines.

The restaurant is finely decorated in Xinjiang-Islamic style with Muslim ornaments and white dining chairs furnished inside the restaurant. In addition, the beautiful chandeliers add some fancy atmosphere to the restaurant. Waiters here are all dressed in their special costumes, which will make you feel more comfortable. You will get a chance to appreciate the Xinjiang-style singing and dancing performances in the evenings while enjoying your dinner.

Signature Dishes: Mutton Kebab, Roast Lamb Leg, Roast Whole Lamb, Roast Lamb Chops in West Region Style, Deep-fried Tower-shape Cake, Xinjiang Rice, Samsa, Yoghurt, Salty Milk Tea

Business Hours: 10:30AM - 11:00PM

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