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Dong Yi Shun

Located in the Gaoyin Street of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Dong Yi Shun Restaurant is the best choice for you to enjoyHalal food. As the largest Halal restaurant around Hangzhou, Dong Yi Shun Restaurant is a branch of Dong Yi Shun Food & Service Company which is dedicated to provide authentic Halal food.
Dong Yi Shun Restaurant is a two-storeyed building with simple decoration of Muslim style. But it should be mentioned that the environment here is very clean and services are quite good. What attracts people most here is the fabulous Halal food it provides.
There are many authentic dishes with unique flavors. Highly recommended dishes here are Xinjiang big plate chicken, Teppanyaki Beef Tenderloin with tomato sauce, Teppanyaki juice eggplant, mutton kebabs, yoghurt, Greek salad, and Nang. Particularly, the Nang here is very popular among tourists because it is served with enough amount with reasonable price. Besides, people who are fond of mutton or beef should choose this restaurant.
Apart from Halal food, Dong Yi Shun Restaurant also offers western-styled dishes, such as salad and pasta. All in all, the restaurant is quite popular among foreign Muslims who come to Hangzhou for a tour.

Signature Dishes: Big Plate Chicken, Teppanyaki Beef Tenderloin with Tomato Sauce, Teppanyaki Juice Eggplant, Mutton Kebabs, Nang, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup
Average Cost Per Person: CNY 40~50

Business Hours: 6:00AM—9:00PM

Parking Pot: Yes

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