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Dexiang Lou Restaurant

As one of the oldest Halal restaurant in Chengguan District of Lanzhou, Dexiang Lou Restaurant is renowned for its authentic mutton cuisine. As a Muslim-style restaurant, it is famous for its hot pots and other dishes.

Mutton cuisine
 is highly recommended at Dexiang Lou Restaurant. Mutton hot pot with unique flavor and special cooking methods is also very popular there. And many other fresh dishes add more taste to the mutton hot pot. It is said that the instant-boiled mutton is a must-try for many customers here because it is tender, fat but not greasy with garlic, soybean or vinegar.

It should be mentioned that Dexiang Lou Restaurant has other two branches, one located in Jiayuguan North Road, Chengguan District while another is in Democracy West Road, Chengguan District. They collectively have comfortable and clean dining environment with exquisite decoration. Additionally, the original flavors, and considerate service also help the restaurant to become the first choice for citizens to hold their special activities like wedding receptions.

Signature Dishes: Mutton Hot Pot, Instant-Boiled Mutton, Roast Lamb Leg, Wild Vegetable, Stewed Lamb Feet with Pepper and Chili, Minced Mutton Congee with Preserved Egg, Steamed Rice Rolls, Steamed Brown Sugar Cake, and Pan-fried Buns

Business Hours: 11:30AM—2:00PM, 5:30PM—9:30PM

Parking Pot: Yes

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