With a long history of more than 100 years, Magubai Restaurant is well known in Lanzhou and it enjoys an excellent reputation for its lamb dishes.
The restaurant provides the most authentic dishes which are absolutely delectable. What makes Magubai’s lamb dishes different from other Muslim restaurants is that the mutton chosen are highly selective from the mountainous areas in Ganling where they are bred in the most natural environment. 
Braised Mutton in Brown Sauce is highly recommended in Magubai Restaurant because it is fresh, tender, a little fatty but not greasy with mid-spicy flavor.
The restaurant consists of 3 levels and it is also eminent for its clean and tidy environment, friendly service.

Signature Dishes: Braised Mutton in Brown Sauce, Boiled Mutton, Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea, Stew Eggplant Clay Pot

Business Hours: 11:00AM—9:00PM

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