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Yunfeng Halal Restaurant

Yunfeng Halal Restaurant, also known as Yufeng Abalone and Shark’s Fin Restaurant,is a very famous Halal restaurant in Lanzhou. It is not only famous for its special-flavored Muslim-style dishes and seafood with Guangdong cuisine style, but also for the fabulous sceneries out of its windows. It should be mentioned that Yunfeng Halal Restaurant also has a branch in Xijin East Road of Lanzhou.
The dishes, featured with fresh and tender ingredients, have outstanding colors and fresh flavors. Lamb dishesare the hottest at Yunfeng Halal Restaurant. The stewed mutton and lamb neck have unique and authentic Halal flavor. They are a little fatty but never greasy. Instant-boiled mutton is another popular lamb dish among customers. The local cold noodles and the innovative deep-fried lily bulbus are worthwhile to taste.
Yunfeng Halal Restaurant attracts a lot of customer dining there. As Yunfeng Halal Restaurant is situated alongside the great Yellow River, visitors can enjoy the fascinating and spectacular views of Yellow River when dining both in the hall and private rooms here. Apart from its generous quantity dishes and scenery ouside the windows, the restaurant is also highly recommended for its clean and tidy environment, friendly service.

Signature Dishes: Local Cold Noodles, Stewed Mutton, Lamb Neck, Boiled Mutton, Fried Lilii Bulbus, Hand-taken Lamb, Roasted Leg of Lamb, Sheet Starch Jelly in Spicy Sauce, Pan-fried Buns, and Braised Mutton in BrownSauce.

Business Hours: 9:30AM—11:00PM

Parking Pot
: Yes

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