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Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant

Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant (Jingtian Chain Store) is one of the chain stores under the Zhong Fa Yuan Xue Hua Limited Corporation, which is a Muslim chain enterprise. This restaurant has a history of 10 years and has been quite popular one among those Muslim restaurants in Shenzhen.

The restaurant is finely decorated to provide a nice and pleasant dining environment for customers. It is a Muslim restaurant mainly provides Islamic cuisine of the Xinjiang and Northwestern China. Here you can taste a lot of authentic and tasty dishes, especially mutton that has a large group of loyalty customers. Boiled mutton, mutton soup, mutton kebabs, roasted lamb leg, yoghurt, roasted lamb chops and barley pancakes are those hot dishes you would like to enjoy.

To meet the needs of Cantonese people, Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant (Jing Tian Chain Store) is localized to provide morning tea in the morning. There are various types of buns, cakes and rolls to try at the restaurant.  Except the Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant of the Jingtian Chain store, there are other Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim restaurants at Shenzhen, like the Zhong Fa Yuan Xinzhou Branch and Zhong Fa Yuan Chunfeng Road Branch.

Signature Dishes: Boiled Mutton, Mutton Soup, Mutton Kebabs, Roasted Lamb Leg, Yoghurt, Roasted Lamb Chops

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