Sanlitun Yaxiu Clothing Market

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Sanlitun Yaxiu Clothing Market

Sanlitun Yaxiu Clothing Market is one of the major clothing markets in Beijing. This is a large scaled clothing market covering an area of 28,000 square meters. Yaxiu Clothing Market is located in an eight stories building and it has six floors for business, the five floors on the ground and the underground floor. The first and second floors on the ground mainly sell clothing of various types for women and men, children and seniors. As customers at Yaxiu Clothing Market are mainly foreign customers, clothes of all seasons are sold at Yaxiu.

On the third floor, shops there sell various kinds of cloth, like silk, fabric and brocade. At these stalls you can make tailor-made clothes. And in the underground floor, there sell styles of handbags and luggage boxes, shoes, gloves and hats. The fourth floor of the building sells numerous decorative accessories, handcrafts, toys, gifts and glasses. The fifth floor is specialized in providing delicious food and local snacks.

Clothes sold at Yaxiu Clothing Market are of new and fashionable styles and trends. Customers can have a wide range of good selection. Prices of clothes sold there are usually favorable, and quality is fairly good. But do not remember to bargain with the sellers. Most of the stall owner could speak English, so there is no worry about language problem.

Add: No.58 Workers' Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District

City: Beijing

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