Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

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Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Located in the Zhannan Road, Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale Market is near to the Guangzhou Railway Station.It is the largest market with the great decoration.As one of the most complete and the best managed clothes market in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale Market has the largest trading volume in the high-end apparel market. It operates over 2,000 households the Pearl River Delta region, and garment enterprises throughout the country including Zhejiang and Fujian,but also manufacturers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

B1 Floor Xijiao Market mainly deals with fashionable women’s trousers, dresses, t-shirts of inferior quality, but with lots of designs. women’s clothes of good quality and appealing style from large factories. A lot of stores have located their own office and wholesaling centers in the 1st Floor, 4th Floor, and 5th Floor of wholesale market. The middle and high quality men’s clothes are at 6th Floor.

Add: No. 16, Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

City: Guangzhou

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