Haiyin Fabric Market

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Haiyin Fabric Market

Haiyin Fabric Market is the first fabric market in Guangzhou with all kinds of fabrics, curtain cloth, wool, ladies clothing, handbags,shoes, sewing uniforms and costume design services together.The market is popular with the majority of customers as the products are fashionable and colorful.

Customers can expect to find fabrics and yarns of all types at Haiyin Fabric Market. You can also purchase fabrics at the market and take it to tailors within the fabric market and have the materials transformed into clothes, curtains, bedsheets or accessories. What makes this market so appealing is that prices are good and your goods and be customized ensuring your goods are unique! 

Add: No. 429-431, Yanjiang Dong Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

City: Guangzhou

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