Xicheng Road Market

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Xicheng Road Market

Built in May 2011,the Xicheng Road Market is the largest night market of its scale in Guilin. Located near the city center, the market has a very convenient traffic.It can be reached easily by walking or other modes of transport.
There are more than 200 shops in the market, selling a wide range of practical goods and decorative items.

Vistors can find crafts and traditional Guilin themed souvenirs at the market with traditional costumes and bamboo souvenirs on sale.Except the traditional arts and crafts,there are also modern consumer goods like a wide range of watches, belts and lighters. Vistors can find small gadgets and gizmos on offer, so be prepared to be surprised with the wide offerings! You can have almost everything that you can imagine in the market.

Add: Xicheng Road, Guilin

City: Guilin

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