As one of the major attractions in Shanghai, Xintiandi is a must visit scenic spot when on a Shanghai tour. Situated in the downtown center of Shanghai, this urban site has been a landmark of Shanghai. The site of Xintiandi is an epitome that shows the history and culture of Shanghai. It is a mixture of East and West, the mixture of ancient and modern. Xintiandi is actually a fashionable shopping pedestrian that is multi-functioned at dining, shopping, fashion and entertainment.

Walking on the Xintiandi, times are dated back to the ancient 1920s of Shanghai. The ancient Shigumen(stone gate, which was used to be the residential building of local people) with the antique walls, tiles and roofs that shows the artistic charm of the ancient architecture and the culture of the old Shanghai. While, Xintiandi is also and actually the place to know the modern and fashion of Shanghai. Inside the Shigumen, you see the brand new world that are marked with the modern Shanghai. 

Add: 181 Tai Cang Road, Shanghai

City: Shanghai

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