Dongmen Commercial Street

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Dongmen Commercial Street

Dongmen Commercial Street, as one of the oldest commercial districts in Shenzhen, is one of the major shopping centers in Shenzhen. Dongmen area has a history of 300 years. The old Dongmen used to be the places where were mainly stalls and vendors that sold relatively low quality products. While the new Dongmen after the renewal, Dongmen Commercial Street has been the shopping street that combines shopping, entertainment and tour sightseeing. And Dongmen Commercial Street has been one of the top shopping streets in China.

At Dongmen Commercial Street, there are numerous shops selling a wide range of products. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, gifts, accessories, daily necessities and many other items that we need are almost can buy here. Usually products sold at those stalls and small shops are of favorable prices. Most shops are for retail, and there are special markets only for wholesale. Besides those shops selling fair quality products, there are large shopping malls at Dongmen area that sell high quality clothes, shoes and cosmetics of the international and Hong Kong class, like the Maoye Plaza and Sun Plaza.

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