Luohu Commercial City

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Luohu Commercial City

Luohu Commercial City is one of the major shopping centers in Shenzhen. It is located in the Luohu District outside the Luohu Immigration Control Point. This is a large shopping center covering an area of 10,932 square meters. At Luohu Commercial City, there sells various kinds of products, including clothes, shoes, watches, handbags, purses, sunglasses, electronics, souvenirs, DVDs, home decoration products, toys, accessories and gadgets.

Items sold at the commercial city are of good prices with a good selection. Customers of the commercial city are mainly those people who get through the Luohu Control Point. This is a seven storey tall commercial building with the first floor located at the Luohu Bus Station. The second floor to the seventh floor is the commercial area with numerous shops selling different items. Also, there are Chinese and western restaurants are located there for convenient dinning.

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