Shilu Pedestrian Street

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Shilu Pedestrian Street

Shilu Pedestrian Street is one of the major shopping centers in Suzhou City. This renowned pedestrian street gains its reputation as the shopping street that has the most beautiful scenery. Today, the Shilu Pedestrian Street has become a shopping street that has the functions of shopping, relaxation, entertainment and sightseeing.

The Shilu Pedestrian Street really has attractive scenery, especially the night scene that is charming and romantic under the colorful lights. One of the unique scenes at this street is that some part of street is built on the Huaiyang River. You can see the flowing Huaiyang River under the street. The music fountain at the north Shilu plaza has added more romance to the street. At night, when colorful lights glittering with the surrounding leisure commercial life, this fashionable street brings a fantasy night to people.

Stores that sell items from the head to the feet we need of international brands and national high class brands can be found here. Hair accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, beauty products, cosmetics of high quality are to be shopped here. As for the relaxation and entertainment aspects, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars located at the street. After the shopping, customers can have taste some delicious food and have some relaxed entertainment at the street.

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