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Shiquan Street

Shiquan Street is one of the ancient streets in the ancient downtown of Suzhou City. Located in the hotel area of Suzhou City and the north of the famous garden of Canglang Pavilion, Shiquan Street has gained its wide reputation by its beautiful scenery and interesting shops.

Shiquan Street was constructed during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Architectures and buildings are well-proportioned and are decorated in the light dark and green colors, presenting the feeling of ancient and peaceful. With the tall trees, rivers, bridges and gardens, Shiquan Street has quite pleasant and enjoyable views. Shopping at Shiquan Street is specialized at tourism and crafts. There are many shops located at Shiquan Street that sell silk, silk clothing, craftworks like embroiders, scripts and paintings, antiques and ceramics.

Also at Shiquan Street, there are many famous restaurants and hotels located there. Renowned restaurants with unique flavors like the Nanlin Restaurant and Suzhou Restaurant, hotels like the Nanyuan Hotel and the classic Wangshi Garden are situated in the street. Besides, at Shiquan Street, you can find entertainments like bars and coffee houses.

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