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Having 167 air routes leading from here to 84 cities on Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan, R.O.K, U.S. and Europe, Xiamen International Airport is the regional hub airport in East China. In 2007 the passenger throughput was 8.685 million among which 1.478 million were foreign passengers; the airfreight throughput amounted to 194 thousand tons. Scheduled direct cargo flights go to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka of Japan, Chicago, Los Angles, Luxemburg, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. There are 36 pure cargo flights per week. Take xiamen airport transportation is a good chioce.


Xiamen is the land transportation hub of southern Fujian Province. Xiamen Railway Station is a hub railway station in East China. Xiamen is connected to the national railway network through Yingtan-Xiamen Railway

Xiamen Railway Station

Phone number:5810102
Address: Lufeng office of Xiamen railway station
Voice call with charges of the railway station:9500395003( you can inquire surplus ticket conditions of all trains within five days at the Xiamen railway station. Service charges:1RMB/min)


The Fuzhou-Xiamen-Shantou highway is the traffic artery of Fujian Province. Xiamen has tens of buses every day taking passengers to Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Longyan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, and so on. There are 2 coach stations. One is in West Hubin Road and another one is in Song Bai.

Local Transportation

Public Bus

It costs 1 yuan for a regular public bus and 2 yuan for an air-conditioned one within the urban area. There are three traffic junctions in Xiamen, namely, Xiamen University, Ferry and Railway station. Therefore, as long as you stay near these three spots, it will be safe and convenient for you to get to all the scenic spots. Moreover, there are special line mini buses with a blue body. There are names of starting and ending stops on the forward part of these buses. Mini buses are characterized by convenience and flexibility, whereas sometimes it may take more time to wait for passengers.
Service hotline of bus company:5852027/5859275


There are plenty of taxies on streets. The taxi fare is 8 yuan for the first three kilometers plus 2 yuan for each additional kilometer. There generally hangs a piece of board not far from bus stops: temporary boarding and descending spots of taxies and mini buses. There are special areas for taxies to pick up passengers at the gate of large stores, shopping centers. Passengers queue as they do at the airport in good order.

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