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As one of the busy and thriving metropolis, Guangzhou has had a vibrant and colourful nightlife for a long time. People work hard and face great pressure in the day time, and they expect to enjoy the leisure time and relax themselves.

Because the usual weekend are just two days, nighlife is popular for its bar and cafe culture and patrons often flit from one to another with startling regularity. Apart from the many colourful nightclubs, there are many other ways for  tourists to enjoy Guangzhou nightlife.

The famous bar streets in Guangzhou include Yanjiang Road, Huanshi Road and Bai’etan. Bar Street in Yanjiang Road is near Pearl River, with elegant views and a sophisticated flavor. Huanshi Road is situated in the city center and, as such, might be a good starting point. Bar Street in Bai’etan is newly established and boasts an exotic atmosphere.

Night Cruise on the pearl River
The night cruise on the Pearl River is a featured activity of nigtlife in Guangzhou. Tourists can get to the Pearl River and take in the breathtaking sites of the city at night, all lit up, whilst drinking, dining or listening to elegant traditional Chinese music. It is always a truly memorable way for visitors to enjoy the splendour of this thriving, rapidly growing modern city. 

Cantonese Opera
The cantonese opera is popular in the region area including Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macau. The dialogue and singing is in Cantonese. The voices rise and fall in ever changing rhymes, and the melodies are harmonious and graceful. The people of Guangdong Province and large parts of Guangxi Province were mainly Cantonese speaking people. Cantonese is a language that is very different from Mandarin.

Night Shopping 
In such a large and modern city, shopping can be another good way to enjoy the nightlife culture in Guangzhou. The CBD, Beijing Road and Shangxiajiu Road, with its completed recreation and entertainment facilities are highly recommended.

Changlong Night Zoo (Night Safari)
Changlong Night Zoo is the second night zoo in the world. Changlong Night Zoo is the first night zoo in China. But it is the biggest in the world with nearly 10,000 animals of over 300 species in capacity. 

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