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Adjacent to Beijing, Tianjin has not only booming business, but also a flourishing entertainment industry. Numerous recreation spots dot every corner of the city. Among them, Quanye Chang, the most popular shopping mall, is also one of the notable entertainment destinations. It includes Tiangong Cinema, Tianhuajing Theatre, Tianle Theatre, Tianwei Tennis Club, Tianlu Teahouse, Tiansheng Theater, and more.

Tianjin is also a city with intense local culture. On the Ancient Cultural Street, travelers can enjoy xiangsheng (a form of comic dialogue), Peking drum song and take in the unique local scene. Additionally, Tianjin drama, popular song and quick patter rhythmic storytelling are also good choices for tourists.

After a good time in the city tour, you may want to expericence Tianjin's nightlife. The nights in Tianjin can be exciting and you may find the most social, entertaining, and accelerating atmosphere here in the city. 

Bars & Teahouses


Address: 3F, No.155, Weijin Lu, Nankai District

Seven Club

Address: No.291, Shaoxing Dao, Hexi District


Address; No.93, Qixiang Tai Lu, Hexi District

Xishilai Music Teahouse

Address: Intersection of Haihe Road East and Jinbu Road, Hebei District

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