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Xinjiang Ya Ke Xi Restaurant

Xinjiang Yakexi Restaurant is located in the Tianxin District of Changsha City and it is one of the major Muslim restaurants in Changsha. It is also one of the most popular Halal restaurants in Changsha that provides authentic Muslim food and has attracted many people there for its genuine Halal food.

This Xinjiang Yakexi Restaurant is of strong Xinjiang flavor  for the dishes. The restaurant is furnished into the Xinjiang style that brings a nice and Uygur dining environment. Dishes at this restaurant are served with enough amounts in a reasonable price which makes this restaurant such a suitable place for gatherings.

Authentic Muslim dishes of Xinjiang style are provided at this restaurant. What is hottest in the restaurant is the mutton kebab. It is fresh, crispy, fat but not greasy, and of course quite tasty. And the big plate chicken here is highly recommended as this dish is made by special cooking method so that you can taste the flavor of tomato when eating potatoes in the dish. Braised naan and shaved noodles are also among those top recommendations.

Signature Dishes: Big Plate Chicken, Mutton Soup, Garlic Lamb Chops, Samsa, Xinjiang Cold Noodles, Lamb Kebab, Fried Naan Mutton

Business Hours: 10:00AM-2:00AM

Parking Pot: Yes

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