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Xinjiang Lv Xiang Restaurant

Visitors can enjoy authentic Xinjiang cuisine at Lv Xiang Restaurant in Chongqing. Being hot in the social network of Chongqing, Lv Xiang Restaurant is well-known for its quality mutton which is from Xinjiang. The restaurant’s Pilaf is also popular amongst customers. 

Lv Xiang Restaurant uses the cooling PaiSuan lamb meat from Xinjiang. The restaurant is featured by using the 24-month old cattle and the lamb as food material. The beef and mutton has bright color and delicate taste. The yoghourt and sauté spicy chicken are also very popular.

Signature Dishes: Big Plate Chicken, Lamb Kebab, Sauté Spicy Chicken, Boiled Mutton, Yoghourt

Business Hours: 9:00AM—9:00PM

Parking Pot: Yes

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