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Bogeda Food Paradise

Bogeda Food Paradise (Bogeda Meishi Leyuan in Chinese) is a restaurant specialized in providing authentic Halal food. This is a restaurant characterized by Xinjiang food style and dishes with strong flavor in the northwest of China. There are three  main kinds of Xinjiang Cuisine here, including signature dishes,  local delicacies and local snacks.

The environment in Bogeda Food Paradise is so clean and pleasant that customers here can fully enjoy their meals. Food and dishes are of authentic and delicious flavors, making the restaurant one of the major Moslem restaurants in Guangzhou. Most of people are also attracted  by its great diversities of food and reasonable price. The roast whole lamb in the restaurant is highly recommended for its featured golden color, crispy outside and tender inside, and incredible flavor. 

What's special in the restaurant is that Bogeda Food Paradise also provides professional folk singing and dancing of Xinjiang for customers to enjoy in the  evening. 

Signature Dishes: Roast Whole Lamb, Big Plate Chicken, Lamb Kebab, Samsa, Mutton Soup, Mutton Chops, Bean Jelly

Business Hours: 10:00AM-11:00PM

Parking Pot: Yes

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