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Silk Street

Silk Street Market, also known as Xiushui, is one of the most famous shopping centers in Beijing City. The Silk Street Market was renovated from the old Xiushui Street Market, which has a history of three decades as a major shopping market in Beijing. Now, the Silk Street Market has gained its wide reputation and has been China's most influential international tourism shopping market in the world, along with the Great Wall and the Imperial Palace.

At Silk Steet Market, items and products that are of fashoinable styles and unique features, of high quality and fair prices are sold. This is much a large scale market covering an area of 28,000 square meters. There are shoes, hangbags, leatherwares, branded clothes, casual clothes, fashionable clothes, jeans, sportswear, knitwear, children's clothes, ties and silk scarfs, hats and accessories of various styles and trends sold in the market.

Also products that are featureed with Chinese styles and national ethnic characterisstics can be found in the market, including traditional Chinese handcrafts, paintings, calligraphy, carpets, antiques, table cloths, hand-knit dresses and fine jewelry.Other gift items, toys, watches and electronic gadgets also occupy a part of the market. Even there are Beijing Duck and local special snacks sold in the Silk Street Market.

Now the Silk Street as a typical landmark of tourism shopping market of Beijing, it attracts tourists by its great variety of goods, good services and creative business concepts. More and more foreign tourists include shopping at the Silk Street on their list when in a Beijing tour.

Add: No. 8, East Xiushui street, Beijing

City: Beijing

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