Guilin Central Square

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Guilin Central Square

Located near to Zhongshan Road and Zhengyang walking street, Guilin Central Square is a multi-functional city square, called as the large living room of Guilin.Every weekend and holiday night,there are colorful cultural performances on the square.It is the largest underground shopping centre in Guilin.

Vistors can bargain clothing, tasty snacks, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of crowds in Guilin Central Square.There are many popular local specialties you can not miss ,such as Shatian Pomelo, chestnut, Yuanzhi bean curd rolls,Sanhua wine, chilli sauce and beancurd. The city-block of paved concrete with a few street lights has numerous delicious food stalls to the west and stairs down to the underground markets placed at each corner of the square. 

Add: Zhongshan Central Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin

City: Guilin

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