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West Street

Visitors to Yangshuo most definitely cannot miss a trip to West Street! On West Street you will find the biggest variety of shops ranging from souvenirs, antiques, clothes, handicrafts and many more. If you need to take a rest from all the walking and the shopping you can visit some of the most unique cafes on West Street and treat yourself. In the evening,there are plenty of stalls selling all kinds of tourist stuff in the night market.

West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with more than 1,400 years of history it’s known as the most prosperous area of Yangshuo. Today West Street is the most popular area for foreigners to shop and relax. During the day West Street is not very crowded and shopping for souvenirs is always a great way to spend the day. As the main shopping area in Yangshuo,vistors can buy the local produced paintings, T-shirts, souvenirs and other local curio in the little shops.There are also many great cafe's,you can relax yourself and have a nice time here.

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