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Nanjing Road

As the most famous commercial district in Shanghai, Nanjing Road is a hot destination among the list of Shanghai tour. Nanjing Road as the major shopping street in Shanghai, it is considered as the shopping paradise where you can buy various kinds of things. Also Shanghai Nanjing Road has gained its fame in the wide world as one of the busiest shopping streets.

Nanjing Road is as long as 5.5 kilometers. It is consisted of two sections, the Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. Among, the Nanjing Road East, including the Nanjing Road Pedstrain, is specialized to fair-price commercial zone and tourist zone, while the Nanjing Road West is dedicated to fashionable business district where first-class and luxury things are sold.

The busy and prosperous of Nanjing Road have formed a unique tourist attraction in Shanghai. The rich and colorful products, special and artistic architecture and buildings, and the ancient history, Nanjing Road has its unique scenery and culture. Especially at night, Nanjing Road becomes ultra stunning and fascinating. For shopping, for food, for casual, for entertainment, Nanjing Road is absolutely a must-visit attraction for Shanghai travel.

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