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As the famous scenic spot, transport in Lijiang extends in all directions.
Lijiang Airport is located in the south of Lijiang city, 28 kilometers away from the downtown. Now it has flights to Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Guiyang. It also offers chartered airplane service. By the way, there are flights from Kunming to Lijiang every day and the trip is about 40 minutes' flight. To get to the airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus in the Lijiang downtown. Of course you can take a taxi to the airport directly which may cost more.
Inquiring Tel: 0888-5173081

At present, the most convenient way to Lijang City is by bus. Lijiang has several long-distance bus stations, offering convenient service.

Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station
Changshui Road, Southwest corner of Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Guluwan Bus Station
close to Black Dragon Pool Park

Lijiang Gaokuai Bus Station-The regular buses here are mainly to Kunming
Shangri-La Road

Lijiang Tour Bus Station
close to Naxi Hotel, Changshui Road

From Lijiang to around
Kunming – Lijiang:
Everyday, there are 10 buses to Lijiang from Kunming. It will take you about 10-12 hours.
Lijiang – Kunming: The fare from Lijiang to Kunming is 185, about 10 hours. Almost the buses depart before noon.
Dali – Lijiang: The buses from Dali to Lijiang are set off in the daytime. The fare is 60 RMB with 3 hours.

Some hotels in Lijiang City rent bicycles to visitors who would like an unrestricted trip by themselves. The rent is 15 RMB for a day.

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